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July 30, 2022

To Our Alumni Membership:

          First, on behalf of myself and the Executive Board, I would like to thank our Immediate Past President, Karen Cordray for hosting our Annual Conference, last week in North Charleston, South Carolina. This year, we had some great opportunity for networking with both new and longstanding attendees.  

          As your new Southern Police Institute Alumni Association President, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a Lieutenant with the Erlanger Police Department in Kentucky. I have served the community of Erlanger for 21 years. I was fortunate enough to attend the 138th Class of The Southern Police Institute Administrative Officer’s Course in the fall of 2017, as a Sergeant. I believe my experience at SPI helped bring me to my current position as Lieutenant within my agency!

          Attending the 138th SPI Administrative Officer’s Course  was one of the greatest experiences thus far in my career. I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the greatest leadership in law enforcement from around the United States. However, the experience did not end there! I know our class, as I’m sure many of yours’ did as well, developed lifelong friendships and colleagues. I am blessed to call the members of the 138th my family and friends.

          I attended my first SPIAA conference in the summer of 2018 at Past President Shon Barnes Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was here several members of our class decided to become involved with the Executive Board. I am proud to serve in this capacity and to host in the 71st Annual Southern Police Institute Alumni Conference, in Northern Kentucky next July.

I would like to encourage you all to reach out to me at any time with any questions, suggestions, or just to introduce yourself. 

        Please SAVE THE DATES  July 23-28th 2023 and continue to check back to our website for updates to the 71st Conference. I believe our conference next year will be great and I am looking forward to seeing all of you!



     Lt. Kimberly Klare

     Southern Police Institute Alumni Execute Board President

     Administrative Officer’s Course 138th Class

     Email:  Office: 859-727-7762   Cellphone: 859-393-4253

Executive Board

Kim Klare
Erlanger Police Department

Kurt Zempel
Sheboygan Police Department

Ed Delmore
Chief of Police
Gulf Shores Police Department


Miste Strickland

Nash County Sheriff’s Office

Kathy Morgan

Overland Park Police Department

Karen Cordray
Deputy Chief
North Charleston Police Department

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President SPIAA
Kim Klare


Erlanger Police Department

Erlanger, Kentucky 31018


The Southern Police Institute

The Southern Police Institute is a division of the Department of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. It is an advanced education and training institute whose mission is to enhance the professional development of law enforcement practitioners. We accomplish this mission by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and to prepare law enforcement practitioners for the demands of today and tomorrow. The Southern Police Institute consistently is ranked among the top law enforcement educational and training schools in the nation.

Since the creation of the Southern Police Institute in 1951, its program of instruction has been grounded in the belief that law enforcement is a demanding activity requiring the highest level of professional preparation. The Southern Police Institute was established by its founders to provide a place where that preparation can be undertaken. The present faculty and staff dedicate themselves to this mission and continue to maintain the standards of excellence established by our founders. They are uniquely qualified as researchers, consultants, teachers and former law enforcement practitioners to guide and to direct the educational needs of today's law enforcement professionals.

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